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Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period

Posted by in Uncategorized on December 13, 2014

You can  buy health insurance only during the annual Open Enrollment period.

Important Dates to know for the Marketplace:

  • November 15, 2014: 2015 Health Insurance Open Enrollment period starts
  • December 31, 2014: Coverage ends for all 2014 plans
  • January 1, 2015: 2015 coverage can begin
  • February 15, 2015: 2015  Open Enrollment ends

During the Health Insurance Open Enrollment period from Nov 15th through Feb 15th individuals under 65 years of age can enroll into a new plan.

When can I enroll for Obamacare coverage?  What is the deadline?

You can purchase a on or off exchange 2015 health insurance policy, during a period called “open enrollment”, and, if you’re eligible, claim your tax credits anytime between November 15, 2014, and February 15, 2015.

What happens if I miss the health insurance open enrollment period?

If you miss the open enrollment period you may be eligible to purchase health insurance at other times during the year if you experience a qualifying event which are called Special Enrollment Periods.

What happens if I do not have a qualifying event?

You are not eligible for a qualified health plan but you may be able to purchase a temporary insurance policy.