Get Covered:  Affordable Illinois Health Insurance – Quick Start Shopping Guide For Individuals

A primary goal of the Affordable Care Act is to help the 13% uninsured and eligible in Illinois gain access to quality, affordable healthcare.  Central to this goal is the created of the Health Insurance Marketplace aka health insurance exchange.  Through the Marketplace, eligible Americans will be able to enroll in a health plan to get coverage that starts in January 2014.

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a destination where consumers can compare insurance options in simple, easy to understand language. At the Marketplace, consumers will be able to compare insurance options based on price, benefits, quality and other factors with a clear picture of premiums and cost-sharing amounts to help them choose the insurance that best fits their needs.  Financial help to lower costs is available for people who qualify. Consumers may be eligible for a free or low cost plan, or savings that lower monthly premiums right away.

Let us compare prices from the insurance carriers and provide you with an accurate health insurance quote.  We will teach you what you need to know before you shop, give you your options, show you how to save money, and prepare a custom quote for you.