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Pre-existing Conditions – Are You Sick?

Posted by in Uncategorized on December 13, 2014

You cannot be turned down for being sick!

According to the dictionary a pre-existing condition is a medical condition that occurred before  a program of health benefits went into effect.

Under The Affordable Care Act (aka Omabacare) health insurance companies no longer have pre-existing condition clauses.  You also cannot be charged more for being sick.

Being sick won’t keep you from getting coverage

Your insurance company can’t turn you down or charge you more because of your pre-existing health or medical condition like asthma, back pain, diabetes, or cancer. Once you have insurance, they can’t refuse to cover treatment for your preexisting conditions.

This is true even if you’ve been turned down or refused coverage due to a pre-existing conditions in the past.  Policies both on and off exchange that are sold in the marketplace no longer have pre-existing clauses.